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Re: bokken suburi questions

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how should we do shomen uchi using bokken? should we open our elbows like in this video of Morihiro Saito Sensei or should we form a triangle with our elbows and body so that the elbows are closer to each other and not to bend our elbows?

I know that different Sensei can have different bokken kata.. but shouldn't the basic stays the same? some people teaches the latter part which makes me wonder why it is different from the one being taught by Saito Sensei and all other references I found for that matter..
This is a good point raised, and not fully understood outside Iwama, These 2 videos he made in Italy of the Buki waza should only be used as guidance for where you place your feet and what the baiscs of each cut look like. The form in Morihiro Saitos should not be copied here as his body was in a a bad way. He had very damaged knees and back problems. There are better videos of Morihiros form out there, if your looking for traditional (Iwama) Aikido Hanmi and form look at his son, this is what his father taught him to look for and study.
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