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Re: Fred and Ginger

The other day, I had the rare, grand experience of waltzing with a guy who could actually and creatively lead. (I'm a contra dancer, not a ballroom dancer.)

He never tried to push me into a move I didn't know and there was never the least bit of doubt in my mind as to what he wanted me to do.

Now, that's dancing. Like, WOW.

In Aikido, when I uke for Sensei, it's like that: There is never any question, any doubt as to what I have to do once contact is made.

On the other hand, with other students sometimes they don't lead so well, leaving me wondering, "Now, what is it that's supposed to happen here?" and "Why isn't it the same as with Sensei?" I guess it's 'cause they just haven't gotten it yet.
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