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graham christian
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Re: Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku

Hi Niall.
100% Agree.

When it comes to what or how often O'Sensei said this or that I find there is only one continuous theme: Universal.

There is universal love, there is the spirit of loving protection, there is Ki (once again universal) There is God and spirit. All to do with Aiki, Aikido,universal.

Then we have people, used only to being an individual, separate, body and mind. Oblivious to the workings of the aiki of the universe or any connection to it.

Thus it is the universal principles that can be felt in the body. Thus the joke is it is the true external, universal that is the true source and the internal is the effect. When harmonized with then internal and external become one in harmony.

My 2 cents.

Peace and love. G.
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