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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

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Killing can be the right thing to do.
Point proven. Thank you.

Btw a line like that ought not to be tolerated on a forum.
That's how much aiki some aikidoka can be - that's what was smouldering beneath the ashes of so much "harmony" and "gentle" martial arts.
Nietzsche and Freud were amply right.

As for chokes being assumed as not clearly murderous and as not proven as being definitely a potential and clear threat and danger to a human being's life, trying to argue that grabbing a guy's neck is not extremely dangerous and potentially murderous (like any physician could explain to you with ample demonstration) is like trying to explain that shooting somebody in a leg cannot sever his tight artery and so it is safe

It is like arguing that a gun is basically safe. But when you're at gunshots, you're into killing grounds just as much as you are when you grab a neck assuming that you won't break it.

First comes the unconscious and unadmitted desire to kill, then come the explanations and the reasons to do it.

Than in an aiki forum a line like the one saying that killing can be not only condoned but even encouraged as the right thing to do (it is, obviously enough, open to the subjective speculation of anyobody to decide, then, when those "right" motives came...), it is such a line so beyond any argument and any "aiki" related topics, that shouldn't even need to be discussed. Neither to be raised.
It's a startling line, highly dis-educative on a forum open to public inspection also by so many beginners.

Killing is never the right thing to do. Never.

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