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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

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That's a strange attitude from someone who, and I quote:

So do you rock up to your Tantrist training sessions and say, "Right chaps, as per usual we're with the ghora today, path of the charnel grounds, confronting the brutal and the unpleasant, mastering dread and fear, remaining unmoved by the threats of daemons and growing into a tempest, etcetera and oh, yes, don't touch each other's necks."?

Honestly curious.
I hope I can dispel your curiosity. As a matter of fact, it is easy.
The fact you find yoruself comfortable with thinking the unpleasant, that for some reason or the other you find your mental attitutde more attuned to make an attempt to pursue (pursue, nobody is here speaking of attaining it - no one can be so conceited, not even me gee LOL) illumination by confronting the unpleasant, does not mean you're into slaughtering people.

Dealing with the unpleasant does not imply you're an unpleasant guy; dealing with the imagery of violence does not mean you're a violent guy, dealing with the imagery of wrathful deities does not mean you are supposed to go around eviscerating guys.
Ideally, it should mean that no matter how unpleasant a situation, you won't be deterred in facing it.

Of course we all know of persons that deal with that imagery and are indeed pathological: news show them to us. But those are not persons who solicit that imagery within themseleves in order to administer manage and deal with it: those are guys to whom that imagery imposes itself to them. They don't master their own imagination: they're victims of it.

So facing brutality, does not mean you will face it slashing throats. It means you won't be deterred, again ideally, by a guy attempting to slash yours.

As a matter of fact, I could explain this in a deeper fashion.

Human beings live on two levels - and this is a proved fact (no one contends this). We live on the conscious level, and on an unconscious one (the unconscious level is not something which can be conveneintly ascribed whatever to - dreams and action describe it or give hints about its objectivity).

If on the conscious level you are all for harmony and the pleasant, the imaginery of the unpleasant won't sit idle and it is not that because you don't think of it it does not exist within you: it will be simply confined into the unconscious, where it would go on exerting its influence on you. Only, it will do in a silent way and it will eventually dictate its own pace and rules at times, as you're unaware of it.

If on the conscious level you're all for the wrathful deities, the imaginery of the pleasant will be in the unconscious.

What is the outcome of this?
Exactly what you see here: guys that are all, in their conscious lives, for aiki, for harmony, for non-resistance, for mild "gentler" aikido, all of a sudden are also into strangling, chocking, doing things that may break a neck - and all of this without a peep: it is the violence they harbour inside that, unrecognized from within their unconscious, takes its toll.
Fatalities may ensue. This is why a guy like Seagal won't maim you on the dojo, but a very very gentle and considerate aikidoka, one day may happen to cause you an "accident".
That's how the unconscious work: by accidents.

On the other hand you see guys who are for dealing consciously with attacks that are violent, brutal (as real attacks would be, normally - exception made for drunkards...), who are the same guys who would actually refrain from strangling other guys.

That grabbing a neck is positively extremely dangerous, goes without contention.

The fact so many persons seem to find it suitable, is because their murderous instincts are buried within themselves, they never came to term with those, and so this is how they manifest themselves: they think they're doing the right thing, and yet they do things that can be murderous.

The more you think about the ghora, by soliciting the thoughts and not because the thoughts come to you by themselves (that would be psychosis...), the less lethal you will be.

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