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Re: Do Senseis Usually Not Want Parents Around During Class?

George Donnelly wrote: View Post
he suggested I no longer hang around during the class but instead drop my 5 y/o son off and come back at the end.
RED FLAG! Providing you are not a disruption to the class, as in you are teaching from the sidelines or interacting with your youngen during practice time you being there, watching should not be an issue.

George Donnelly wrote: View Post
Today was the first day of aikido for the year after a month's vacation. Sensei, whom I respect very much, was harsher than normal with the kids.
I assume that when you say harsh you are refering to how the instructor speaks to the children offering verbal discipline. Discipline is important for children but how you discipline is more important. This is something you need to look inwardly to answer. I have certainly seen several childrens' classes where I would never, let me repeat that, NEVER, train because the instructors speak to the children very rude and are very disrespectful to the children. How the parents that are watching allow them to continue is beyond me.

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