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Re: What Distinguishes Aikido from Daito Ryu?

Depending on who you are learning Aikido from, you might find just as much techniques as in Daito-ryu. The main difference that I find in the number of techniques is that Aikido grouped a lot of the techniques under the same classification while Daito-ryu maintained a specific name for any deviation. So, you could see 10 techniques that would have 10 names in Daito-ryu while 1 name in Aikido.

I was watching a Shirata Sensei video that had names for a lot of techniques that I didn't know had names or had a specific name besides just kokyu.

Another difference is the minute details in which the defense is done. Daito-ryu puts a lot of pressure points into the techniques and subtle differences in the way to put a person down is to cause breaks, sprains, dislocations, etc... They have certain ways in which to raise your arm or hands so that you don't use a lot of muscle. I'm weak, so I need these subtle details to help my technique become smoother and easier.
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