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Re: What Distinguishes Aikido from Daito Ryu?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Well, not you specifically, anybody who's willing is fine.

Off to Tokyo...


Tokyo? Sounds nice. Have a nice trip.

Just looked and scanned briefly the reference and that is a physical comparison, that's fine and shows a few physical differences, that's fine also.

This validates the physical connection and similarity. That's about it. That will never lead to understanding the difference between the two arts. (I believe you know this already)

The start of the difference was Ueshiba's 'enlghtenment(s). Spiritual.

He then realized he could use the same vessel, in fact that the vessel itself was based on spiritual truths. Thus finding he only had to learn the spiritual truths for they would naturally be expressed through this physical form of techniques.

The spiritual being very certain in both purpose and principle would lead to modified technique, and most of all a completely different way of viewing. Thus he called it the true martial art for the views he expressed as truly martial would be hard for others to come to terms with or see any connection.

First a person would have to accept that spiritual is the base, the source, the true power that leads to understanding the uniqueness and difference.

After acceptance, only then can they allow themselves to look at the principles and how they apply. Thus find to their surprise that there are spiritual, technical, principles.

Those spiritual. technical, principles at last give life understanding and enlightenment to the uniqueness of Aikido.

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