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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
In similar fashion, shimewaza can be expertly applied at full speed, full power with no injury in answer to an attack that is full speed and intent. Many shimewaza do not include grasping the keikogi for example. There is no twisting or wrenching of the neck, etc., etc. These descriptions are not braggadocios or boastful... just true. I will say that this level of training is at very high level and isn't done until it can be done with a high expectation of no harm being done even though the risk is high.
Time for a me too post. Many budo techniques end up positional and by that I mean stopping just short of full execution. Those that don't rely on action by uke to make it safe either by taking ukemi or again by positioning. How techniques end up and what compromises are made depend on the skill level and agreement of participants.

Chokes in themselves are no different. There is no need to progress to the point of damage either through wrenching or unconsciousness. The value of taking a choke to completion on rare occasion to see what it feels like is another question (something I favour under controlled circumstance).

Risk is relative.

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