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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

I didn't realize there was a time limit for editing.. so here's the next part of the post above.

Rereading some of these posts, I realize there might be a feeling that to do something "dangerous" we must always go slowly and carefully... etc.

Of course, we must train as safely as possible, but when expertly done, budo waza can be practiced and applied as fast as humans can move. This must be a level of training that you grow into after many years of proper practice between partners that trust each other. At Kagami Biraki this weekend I will see men and women that can go as fast as humans can go with bokkuto and jo in Shinto Muso Ryu kata with no more than an inch or so as kime is reached. An inch between the end of the jo and the other person's eyes for example in answer to full speed and power attacking cuts from the uchi tachi.

In similar fashion, shimewaza can be expertly applied at full speed, full power with no injury in answer to an attack that is full speed and intent. Many shimewaza do not include grasping the keikogi for example. There is no twisting or wrenching of the neck, etc., etc. These descriptions are not braggadocios or boastful... just true. I will say that this level of training is at very high level and isn't done until it can be done with a high expectation of no harm being done even though the risk is high.


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