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Re: bokken suburi questions

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Hi Joe,
I disagree completely with this statement. Hands are only transmitters (of power or directions and they work in equal degree for transmission, otherwise your cut will be unbalanced and body not harmonized). Power of the cut is created by putting your ‘weight/intend' into the sword, it can be done in many different ways depending of you advancement level. Simply stated, you let sword cut by itself, if you put a particular attention to any part of your body (particularly hands), you start to force a cut and you lose all sophistication.
By all means disagree if you feel so inclined.I was attempting to give a few pointers to the questioner.I was not describing every aspect of swordwork.IMO a beginner has to start somewhere.A few basic tips can I hope help.However I assume that you are a competent swordsman and perhaps my few comments in this matter are inept in your opinion?Not too worry, I am not trying to teach my granny how to suck eggs in your case. Cheers, Joe.
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