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Re: kiai in aikido?

to my understanding there cannot be any prescription about kiai no more than there can be about tears.
Certainly, someone may elaborate a theory about crying, and invent a method to teach guys how to cry. But the fact remains that human beings know already how to cry when crying comes. And so it goes for kiai.
Teaching how and when to kiai or when to kiai not is like teaching how to cry in absence of grief. You can do that - perhaps actors do it (though the good ones, I read, produce grievious memories of their own to that purpose); but the true tears are those that arise spontaneously from a heartfelt sorrow or compassion. And so in my understanding ought to be with kiai, the true one is that which arises spontaneously from a vigorous technique.

tears are always "superfluous", strictly speaking. And yet they flow. So for a kiai - it may be "superfluous" and yet human beings into a frantic action may produce it.

One may kiai silently just as one may cry silently or sobbing - but giving prescriptions in this field is like wanting to teach someone how to suffer - this is, indeed, one of those things that shouldn't be taught and that come best when they are driven by nature rather than by indications.
You cannot really teach compassion, and you cannot really teach kiai.

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