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Phil Van Treese
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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

Chokes weren't part of Tomiki Aikido???? Who told you that??? Maybe you should have told Tomiki Shihan that because we did chokes, regularly, and especially from shomen and yokomen attacks. They were taught as judo chokes since Tomiki Shihan was also an 8th Dan in judo as well. There are some Tomiki practioners out there that probably weren't taught chokes. I don't know why you weren't taught chokes but I sure was because more than once I had a sore neck after working with Tomiki Shihan himself.
Chokes should be properly taught so if you want to learn chokes, talk to someone who has a good judo background or get into a judo class. Chokes are not dangerous, you won't pass out if you tap, you aren't going to be damaged and all the other things that are said about chokes. The fear of the unknown will get you everytime. We don't break necks either. You can be choked from any position at any time. Chokes can put someone out in a heartbeat if needed. If you have a fear of chokes, face them in a judo class. Once you understand the chokes and overcome your fear, it's not a big deal. But please, if you have never done a proper choke before and you haven';t been taught by a qualified instructor who knows chokes, don't make all kinds of irrational statements about them. If anyone is in the Tampa Bay area and want to learn chokes, feel free to come by the dojo. We'll teach you properly and you'll see they are a good defense. And I'm not "choking" about it.
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