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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

personally, in a dojo i would stay away as possibile from any guy's neck - and also in a real fight one needs to be extra cautious: the gap from self defence to murder by a broken neck can be amazingly thin and, most of all, amazingly fast.

By and large I guess we stay away from chokes also for the same reason nage does not throw punches to defend him/herself - we may be supposed to be tough, but with techniques leverages and projections - and also then in a dojo caution is needed: a very bad (ie very good) shiho nage may make a guy fall squarely on his neck.

However, in the line we should not throw punches, in a real situation you can and in case one did not notice, when you're in a shiho nage, you can punch uke's face with his own hand once you've seized it (it just happens to be at the right height), even repeatedly, before you throw him.
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