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Request for Civil and Respectful Conduct


I seem to have to step into a great number of threads these days asking for people's consideration for respectful, civilized discourse here on AikiWeb.

More and more, I see posters directing posts towards the person behind the discussions rather than towards the topics being raised. More and more, I see posters using such words as "liars" and "clueless" to describe one another. More and more, I see posters using broad brushes to paint a certain way of training or a certain organization to be this or that. More and more, I see rudeness, disrespect, and a blatant lack of civility in what I read here on AikiWeb.
None of these kinds of rhetoric are necessary. And, none of these are welcome here on AikiWeb.
Why is it that some people here seem to view each other as enemies? Why is it that some people here seem to feel the need to tear down each other's characters to try to make a point regarding a discussion? Why is it that some people here seem to need to point fingers towards others without moderating one's own behavior and actions?

I don't know. I really don't, folks.

I don't want to have to step into discussions to ask people to be more civil and respectful. I don't want to have to send moderation actions like warning people or imposing posting restrictions due to their behavior that I witness. I don't want to have to write posts like this very one here. No, really -- I don't.

What I would like to do is be able to trust that everyone here will behave in a mature, civil, and open manner while maintaining your passion about your beliefs and experiences within your discussions. As I recently read in an article, "[Being civil] does not preclude one from being passionate, forceful, or tough. It does preclude one from being rude, callous, or mean" (C. Dahnke, Institute for Civility in Government).
This is a request for each and every one of you to conduct yourself with civility and respect for others as being of the utmost importance when you engage in discussions here.
I'll close with another quote from Dahnke:

"[Civility] is claiming and caring for one's identity, needs and beliefs without degrading someone else's in the process. We aren't expecting people to always agree, nor would we want them to be anything less than passionate about their positions. But a person should not have to resort to rudeness, hostility and/or falsehood to make a reasoned point."

Thank you,

-- Jun

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