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Re: bokken suburi questions

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
Hi David,

Can you post a video of the other style?
not really. this is the first time someone teach this method so I haven't found a video of it yet.. and I'm too shy to film myself doing it

the other method is to keep both elbows straight at all times when lifting and lowering the sword.. so that when the hands reach the highest point, the inner elbow will touch our face. this is blocking my vision to the sides..

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Um. Don't let your shoulders rock forward and up like Saito Sensei seems to be doing in that video clip.
is he doing it wrong? being a 9th Dan?

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
Not sure who AikidoEnth is but that whole channel is one big copyright violation. Buy the DVDs from Stan if you want but don't rip and post them on youtube. Heck, sens me a SASE and I'll loan you mine.
who is Stan? is he a member of aikiweb? if so, I'll try to contact him later.. thanks for the info

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