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Re: Aikido3D

An old post, but for those who may have a similar question down the line I will throw in my 2 cents.

As the others have pointed out it is a nice tool if you are already practicing Aikido... by itself I would say you would be hard pressed to actually pick up the techniques/style of Aikido effectively.

Most training 'videos' are like this - though there is one acception to this, and I saw it in the BJJ community. The Gracies, by far, have the best beginner videos that I have seen for a martial art...
... again mileage may very, and having experience with an art is sure to help, but I was blown away with the level of detail they went into explaining techniques. [You often get less explanation in many dojos!]

But that is BJJ and not Aikido... have not seen anything at that level of instruction out there for Aikido - but then again the reason to this perhaps reflects in what you see in many Aikido dojos and their philosophy to training.



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