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Ai symbol Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

IMO applying a choke can be can be quick and efficient. I remember attending a seminar given by one of the Gracie guys. There were about 30 of us attending and the instructor has us line up and one by one got choked by him. He did not choke us out, but is was seconds and I was seeing spots. He was quick, soft and smooth. If there had been a confrontation per se, I would have not wanted to continue which is how I believe chokes are used best. In randori I use the sleeper when I am using an Uke as a shield. I dont choke the person out because there is not time and it is not necessary. In instances when I have done this and move on in the randori, that individual is either bent over or on their knees grabbing their throat coughing, not coming after me.....exactly, The odds then just changed in my favor. Effective and very safe. What essentially you are doing as my friend says is, "Giving them something else to think about," I would think that is some street situations that a choke properly executed would be preferable to some of our typical Aikido responses where the attacker may take a header into the sidewalk or a table. In a one on one it may not be my first choice but it is definitely something I want in my tool belt.
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