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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Hi Dan, for me its not in the searching, its through it. when you have searched and searched and realise thats not "it" either, this directs your attention inwards. it is not what you "think" it is.

One teacher told me its in the feeling that counts, this also is a great message for internal power too.
Being is primary, before you were given a name before form. This is the narrow gate, where you can penetrate the mind, and destroy the mind of form. Then you are connected to life.

Here is a great example that came to me today.
Many people practice martial arts, hiking rock climbing, partake in sports e.c.t. why?
primarily the answer that comes after ambition wanting to feel healthy, self defense whatever the case maybe, is...... it makes me feel "alive".

Now here is what came to me.
If I feel alive when doing something i.e Aikido, hiking, playing with kids, meditating.
Then I must of been "dead" to the aliveness in every cell of my body in me, in every moment Before. How can this be? Because I was too identified with mind and thought.

I hope you can now see what I`m saying, you can feel the aliveness in the body when all thought of form and desire has been eliminated, martial arts sports and extreme sports may temporarily give you a gateway to this, but as soon as the activity has stopped the egoic mind comes back in and we become identified again with mind and become totally associated with our emotions, so associated in fact, that we believe that is who we are, not the aliveness that was present before. LIFE! Connected with all life.

You cannot lose it, it is always there, but most of the time we cannot feel it because of mind indentification.

In Budo

Andy B

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