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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Contrary to what the pundits write; this model, this concept might as well be on the moon. They simply have no idea what they're talking about...or doing. In the end they move and feel like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. So, what is the real value of their opinions on these subjects? Nothing at all.
The next phase
1. Some will search to validate the concepts and become aware so they can talk about it, and adopt the language and use it in poetry (but still have zero).
2. For another, to find every known (and equally ill used) reference to aid in confusing and muddying the waters so they can reduce the real model to just anyones opinion on it. Truly just an attempt to do on the internet what they cannot do in person...reduce the playing field to eqal opinion. In person... (still they have zero). Heaven/earth/man in Ikebana Good luck with that.
3. Others will truly research and try to get an accurate understanding of it in Budo, so that (they don't have zero).
In the end though...there is so much talk...with everyone pretty much showing up in person...and they have zero understanding in their bodies and feel like your average gym rat or wrestler. The goal is really not for honest evaluation and growth, it is protectionism and validation for what they have been doing. Which has resulted far as I know...a 100% failure rate in person.
At this point some would not change or honestly seek growth...just out of spite. Not a very bright or productive path or tactic for budo people to follow. Thank goodness there are smart people who are like good mechanics....actually doing something to fix what was broken. They will make the intellectual understanding of the concept meld with the physical ability to express it and create a budo in keeping with the classical model the exceptional warriors were always known for, and stood out in stark relief from....the budo wallpaper.
In that, nothing has really changed.

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