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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

Did Tomiki teach chokes in the Aikido context - I don't think he did. I can think of only one kata in one of the formal kata series that includes a defence from a choke. You need to learn to apply the choke as uke so I guess you can say they have a place but really chokes are not part of Tomiki's Aikido.

Now that said - I spent a lot of time exploring transitioning into chokes in Himeji. I picked up some chokes in the Judo dojo and was fascinated by them. Also unconventially I practiced going going to ground and continuing randori once there but I think both cases (chokes and ground work) are contrary to the basic idea of Aikido. Once you engage in either your mobility is extremely restricted.

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As part of my training and preparations for advancement, knowing chokes is necessary. In the five years I have been learning Tomiki my Sensei has exposed me early on with the basics of choking, building a resistance, and knowing when to tap out and when to release. The other students and I have never "passed out". I am being taught by a man who learned from Tomiki Shihan himself and put all my trust in my Sensei for teaching us the correct way to do it. We always practice safety first.

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