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Re: Female Gis

Since this is in the same realm, I figured I'd post here instead of starting a new topic. Has anyone tried the Century women's cut gi? I'm slightly hesitant to spend 100 dollars on the top and pants without trying it on, especially since returns are going to be difficult, and I will still be out a little bit of money if it doesn't fit. I'm extremely curvy, and I can't even find a top that works in the same size. I have a proforce Gladiator karate gi top that is a 5 and is too large and gapes open at the neck/chest, and I also have a Mugen size 5 top that almost chokes me at the neck because it's too small. The Century women's gi specifies that the seams are cut for a woman, so I was hoping to get some feedback if anyone here has tried it.

And Janet, your keikogi top looks beautiful, and if I was employed, I would order one in a heartbeat, but I too am a poor college student.
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