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Ross Robertson wrote: View Post
I have come to believe that there is such a thing as an aiki attack. I also think that balance, and therefore any discussion of kuzushi, has to include the mental and emotional components. So no, I never was intending to focus on the purely physical aspect, though it does provide a good analogue for the rest.

Yes, the body attacks pathogens when there is an imbalance. But I would maintain that it is just such an attack that restores balance. And this is one illustration of how we may strive to become better, more evolved. We need to consider seriously the notion that there can be such a thing as a constructive attack, and that our aiki can embrace conflict creatively.

Of course, many are those who would be eager to justify any hostile action by way of analogy with the surgeon's knife or with bitter medicine. That such analogies can be perverted does not make them less useful.

Where I think we agree is that our studies and our goals and our actions should be directed toward health and vitality, to the greatest extent possible.
Hi Ross.
I agree with the basic of what you say there but question the word or rather 'use' of the word attack. When you give the body and pathogens as an example then I assume you mean direct destructive attack.

Here's the thing for me: First to look at what you are attacking, look at the truth of that or even the reality of that. What is it that anyone or anything is attacking?

Basically it's something they want ie: dinner if you're an animal or mugging someone would be again for something you want but can't (in your mind anyway) naturally have. Hence force etc.

Otherwise it's to get rid of, destroy, something you don't want, something unwanted be it an illness or someone grabbing you.

So you attack an unwanted something and thus the aim is to get rid of and bring back to a good condition.

All that said it does one thing and one thing only, it justifies that thing called attack and makes it 'obviously' needed.

Now I give you beyond that, based on let's imagine attack is wrong. Let's imagine attack is not Aikido. Let's imagine attack is self defeating. If we imagine that then we would have to see what is needed if it's not an attack and yet is even more effective and brings better and longer lasting results.

Only then would we see the truth and realize the truth of attack is not an attack for that word would no longer be the one to be used.

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