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Re: Aikido has no enemies

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From famous quotes to debates on what is meant by 'no enemies'

For me from an Aikido perspective I too have no enemies and taking that view into life in it's fullness leads to a better perspective on people and life and living.

So allow me to share my view and the spiritual basis of it and may you too never be the same again ha, ha.

Basics and truth. In truth spiritually we are all basically good, we are all basically loving, we are all basically kind, we all desire that all powerful active state of peace.

Thus basically we are all friends, all connected, all in oneness and co-existence.

Thus a person attacking me I do not see as an enemy for I see the truth, I know the truth, I am at one with the truth.

So what do I see?

I see a long lost friend.

Of course this person is not acting as such, their actions towards me be they vindictive or physically life threatening are real and bring me into action. But such are the actions of the lost. Lost souls.

So see not enemies but only lost friends and thus see the need for realignment, rehabillitation, restoration, the effect of divine techniques.

So enter the space of a true Aikidoka with malicious intent then you are entering a space of not punishment but rescue from your lost self.

Such is Aikido to me and hopefully to many.

This is, indeed, the best way to fight: impersonal.
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