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Re: True victory?

You are at an atm machine. You're withdrawing cash.
You have a strange sensation somebody is behind your back. But it lasts really a second.
Next thing you know, you feel your hed clashing with an extreme violence against teh ATM and you feel sort of an hand on your scalp repeating the movement and in a matter of 3 seconds your forehead and nose have banged against the ATM about 10 times, with extreme energy. You are bleeding copiously from your broken nose and you have deep cuts on your forehead, and on your left eyebrow - the latter is bleeding into your eye so your sight is impaired.
Now they lift both your feet and you bang violently on the ground, then they start stomping your face with a feet as someone else is kicking your guts, and they take your cash.
Time of execution, about 15 seconds.

This if they are in the mood, otherwise a zaaaap and you're whriting on the ground shaken by a high voltage.

These guys have been kinder to you: they just gave to you a feeling of how the real thing may look like. And, in an eerie manner, they may have even showed more "respect": in fact, by treating you like a dangerous enemy that must be incapacitated, they proved they had an high opinion of you.
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