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Hello Jun,

I do not need a new T-Shirt, but I want to get yours! Why?

Coz your website is a great deal, heavyset, informative and freebie!

So you belong to the lucid parts of the world. Ideal!

You get us searchers together. Via your aikiweb platform you give best example what the internet can do positive.

Thank you for the time you have spent to manage this site.

I'm a newbie at aikiweb and I'm looking forward to explore it at whole while the first taste smells very well.

The first look at your discussion themes produce inquisitiveness.

Great, you are responsible for my good feeling!

Send your Shirt to the other side of the world. To spread a glance of your precious work to the Uninformed. Let your T-Shirt become a catalysator for Aikido'ish thinking and behaviour! Not only int the centres of this world but also in the province, with me :-)

Best regards

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