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Re: The crux of two ranks having any equality

I personally wouldn't worry about it - your new dojos 'blackbelt' standard is simply different to your old dojo... Maybe they're looking for different things. Although, my first teacher used to say that it doesn't matter what grade you call yourself, it only matters that you can get up on the mat and actually do it.

I had a guy from the US come and visit recently and he was better than many many 2nd and 3rd dans I've trained with from the world over, he was 1st dan. One of my students visited my old dojo a few years back and got told off for being too aggressive, training left and right and taking ukemi (flip type) from kote gaeshi! Kind of standard stuff for us... I wouldn't for a second say that my dojo's aikido is aggressive... He told them he trained with a crazy Polish teacher, I'm neither crazy nor Polish .

I've always thought that shodan is like passing your driving test - you don't really learn how to drive until you've passed your test and get out on your own.

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