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Mario Tobias
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Re: The crux of two ranks having any equality

Taking promotions and aikido training in general, is a personal journey. If their training is sincere, they wouldn't need anybody telling them about quality. If they train long enough and continue to train, they'll realize what their strengths and weaknesses are by themselves and they'll do something about it. Even if this doesn't happen, somebody else's quality is not anybody else's problem. It is only your aikido which you should be worrying about.

I also keep reminding myself that I was also a beginner, sometimes much more awkward compared to them when I began and how I was treated as a beginner but after 2 decades training (I'm 1sy kyu) , I think I'm beginning to "get" it.

You will never be ready no matter what preparation you do in whatever level you try.

At the end of the day, only the training matters and nothing else.

It is only the person who will know if he/she already "arrived" maybe a few years, a few decades or maybe never.

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