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Edward Karaa (Edward) wrote:
Well, actually this kind of treatment is reserved to those who get their ranks by lobbying the instructor (a Thai lady) responsible for accepting and rejecting grading applications. Lobbying includes wining and dining, a** kissing, occasional financial contributions, and total submission and servility to her needs and demands.

Rest assured, I do trash them with (undeserved) respect and care, and I have never injured anyone in aikido so far. They just might feel a little dizzy and confused after practicing a few techniques with me.

(Actually they refuse to practice with me for a while now )
Hmmmm... in that case I can easily understand why you would make that nikkyo just a wee bit 'tighter' I would probably do exactly the same

I have seen dan-grades handed out for political reasons, but luckily enough the Aikikai in Denmark might be influenced by politics and ambitions, but it is of little importance in our every-day training. I hope you wont let yourself become discouraged and that things will start to improve for you.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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