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Tadhg Bird wrote:
the Japanese see the aquisition of a dan rank as a routine starting point.
Right, as Alan pointed out, the literal translation of shodan is "beginner's level." The character for sho in shodan is the same as in shoshin, "beginner's mind."

If it was meant to mean "first level," you would think they would have used ichidan instead. My translation program lists the translations for ichidan as "more, much more, still more, all the more." Which sounds exactly like the amount of training required for shodan in the US. Strange.
After all, you can get a dan ranking in sake drinking
I hope you are joking.
As the legend was told to me, I guess that however the Japanese Nidan, Sandan, Yondan ... is considered better quality than thier American counterparts.
I don't see how this follows. The last version of Hombu dojo promotion requirements that I have seen enable a student to reach sandan or yondan in the time it takes a USAF student to reach shodan. I don't see how they would all of sudden catch up with us and overtake us when it takes them less practice days to reach each rank. A senior American instructor who spent a good deal of time training in Japan stated that in his opinion American aikido is much better than Japanese. I think he was speaking in general terms about all ranks, and I am inclined to give some weight to his opinion.

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