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Re: do a technique or flow into one?

It's very simple really, but complicated at the same time if you are not aware.

We always keep forgetting that the art is to harmonize with one's energy or force.
1. As a beginner, it is uke's responsibility to give the desired force and direction of that force so that nage can perform the technique asked by the sensei. If the technique can't be done. it is either the fault of the uke (bad ukemi) or nage (not understanding the forces applied). For beginners in these kinds of cases, it is likely both do not know what they are supposed to do. IMO, you shouldn't flow into one since you dont understand the forces involved yet and how to manipulate these forces. I think do what sensei tells you to do even if there's difficulty because doing otherwise you won't learn from your mistakes. You will be forgiven if you cant do the technique and it is better also since sensei or your uke will give you important feedback. More feedback and how you internalize feedback are important factors in your training.

2. As an advanced student, if uke wants to play (meaning change direction of energy or resist), then by all means flow into one as long as you understand how to manipulate the forces to control uke. Only by understanding how you can manipulate the situation can you flow into a technique. BTW, my definition of flowing into a technique is not using muscle power and employing the least effort/most economic way to control harmonize with ones energy. There are some dojos though which are quite strict where sensei only wants you to do the technique shown but it can be done by doing adjustments.

As you get more advanced imo (not that I am one:-) ), you can do the technique no matter what uke throws at you.

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