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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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It is the very same thing, feeling oneness with your attacker is the same oneness with this moment as it is. Because you see him for what he is you have the internall spaciousness to be able to act this is truly powerful true internal power, anything else is mumbo jumbo.

what will you have left when your eighty and all your physical power has gone and your muscles sagging with age and decrepedness, the eteranlly powerfull presence of being.

Andy B
This is another example of an aikido-ka making statements in direct opposition of relevant fact.
Ueshiba was known to have been escorted onto the mat and the ones holding him witnessed his body going from that soft old man feel to ballooning/ expanding and him turning to iron. So sad, as this will forever remain as just another story from the old days for the vast majority of people struggling along in their careers.

Hundreds of people around the world have now felt this in others and are beginning to do it themselves. This is part of heaven/earth/man that the Japanese have talked about down through the ages. It is a physical manifestation of mental control that actually changes both the quality of the body tissue, how it is organized and what it does to those who try to put force into it. It makes such a difference in any era, that the people who trained it stood out and were written about.
Nothing has really changed, as anyone who trains these things and does them...even just decently...still stands out in a room of budo people as does an art piece from the wallpaper.
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