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Re: do a technique or flow into one?

My view on this is that if a beginner is shown something that is part of a planned & structured lesson then this is what they should do.

In simple terms, if you practice a right cross and you can't get it right doing a left hook probably won't help improve your right cross one iota. Sure it may work quite well but presumably you practice a right improve your right cross?

If your goal is instant gratification with a downed 'opponent'...sure, change the technique and thats definitely a good idea in a 'real' situation....but in a training situation with a target of improving technique, if you are unable to do X find out why (no pun intented) - doing something else will never improve X otherwise.

Obviously it does depend on the training culture...if its not part of a planned and structured lesson but perhaps a randori based class then that changes things,

Happy New Year all btw....

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