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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

Yes, I did on the one occasion where I was in serious trouble. I'll set the stage a little. I was working as a resident deputy on a weekend and was dispatched to a camping area to deal with a disturbance. I found the suspect at his campsite and the complainants were close by. The suspect had entered the victim's tent while she and her boyfriend slept and he reportedly groped her. He was drunk and pretty powerfully built - as it turns out he was a power lifter and the fight was on. My nearest back up was about a half hour away and the other civilians in the area were too wasted to assist me. I finally got behind him and started to apply the carotid restraint. He panicked and jumped straight up into the air, taking me with him. We landed on our left sides with me taking the impact on my left shoulder and breaking it. He was growling like a deranged dog and still trying to get free, all the while making comments about my heritage and how much shorter my life span was about to be. I believed him at that point. I still had my right arm in position and I was able to apply pressure by catching my right fingertips on my jawline to effect the technique. Thankfully he went nappy-bye and I was able to get him cuffed before he woke up. I called for back-up and an ambulance and sat on his upper back until help arrived. Six weeks in a sling and six more weeks of PT and I was able to return to full duty.

Obviously I made a couple of mistakes. No, I couldn't wait for back up before dealing with the complaint. In the rural settings an officer usually has to act and such was the case this evening. When he leapt in the air, I should have let go and tried again when he crashed by himself. This was in the late 70s and we didn't have portable radios or TASERS, but we did have batons and MACE. I didn't like using MACE because it just wasn't all that effective on anyone but other cops and bystanders.

I have received a couple of elbows in the ribs when using the RNC, never to even a painful degree. As I said earlier, it is an excellent technique when properly applied, but I don't advocate doing it one-handed.

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