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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

Well written Keith. l began learning shimewaza from Ernie Cates Sensei in 1965, soft, precise application with almost "snake-like" arms and hands applying sudden pressure in the right places with a slight "wiggle" in the movement... the shimewaza takes seemingly instant effect. It is not blocking the airway. One person said that it seemed like it was like a "gentle caress" and then the lights went out. These are not "chokes." Proper terminology, no matter what the language, is very important.

People that are trying "chokes" are very dangerous because they almost always apply pressure to the larynx to cut off the air. It's very easy to injure your partner this way. I don't allow this sort of "choking" in my dojo or organization. These are combative techniques in my opinion.

Train safely.

Chuck Clark
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