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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Thank you hugh, Ive not mastered that part where I can explain what the teaching points to, because thats all it really does point!
I will try not to get hung up on the words thats why I tried to use different words that point to the same thing. It is in us all, just our perceptions/mind whatever you want to call it prevents us from acessing it.

For me the aim of martial arts points to this and through practicing the form you should be guided through the formless, because each create each other, they are both an illusion, at this state there is only being, and a deep sense of presence and stillness awakens and this is what I felt once and now im trying to search for it again, although I "know " this is uselsess. its not in the doing its in the being ;-)
Thats why for me all martial arts are relevant and no one is better or worse than another. The teaching always points to that which is within you, not something outside, or by doing this or that you will get it/feel it at some point in future, because it never comes in the future, its accessible only in this moment.

In Peace

Andy B

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