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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

There is always something else to do ;-)

Did the buddha attain internal/spiritual power through training something?
I doubt it, all forms will die, gone gone gone forever gone.
The physical is only a very small part of the whole, there is more emptiness that makes you than physical matter. Its from stilnness that the internal power is accessed not from doing more things ;-) once this has been understood you realise the power and genius of Aikido.
All Aikido teaching points to this eternally present state of being, not a state of mind, mind doesnt even come into it.
This is why Osensei said Aikido is for everyone. Everyone has access to this power. how much more power do you want?

It is has and always will be in you, it cannot be anywhere or in any other form I.e some kind of training form, martial art form, any type of form will not get you there.
It simply is in you now. ;-)

Andy B

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