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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Yes - there's nothing wrong with the above, but it really isn't what most people are talking about when they're referring to "internal power".

It is the place where true internal power is accessed from, when you stop everything else going on in the mind.
Koichi tohei said "the mind leads the body" descates said "i think therefore I am". Both are mistaken. you are not you mind. its the talking that stops the access. how many stories of you heard of people being able to pull off often super human feats when there has been a disaster, they are able to do this because all identification and mind activity has ceased, and they access this power through deep being and compassion. There is truly no thing more powerfull than love.

Also I remember reading somewhere on Aikido Journal O`sensei said something like" nobody is born with more or less internal/spiritual power than anyone else, its your state of being that matters".

Andy B

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