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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

go through the small "gap". you create space in your mind by "seeing space" this frees your mind from thought so your actions are not dominated by your thought, you access the internal power of you now, in this moment.[/quote]

Also on this point, you are neither dominated by your emotions this is important. you simply accept what is, in this case an opponent coming towards you, placing no judgement thought or emotion to the scene in front of you, you truly see this person is acting out his thoughts emotions and judgements which were created by the mind, he has temporarily "become his thoughts" he has mistaken his thoughts for who he truly "is". Here is the crucial bit if it could be described as such, when you see this in real life it creates compassion for your oppenent, because why would you want to hurt somebody who does not know what they are doing?

Jesus said "forgive them for they do not know what they do", I beleive these words were pointing this.

Thus your action becomes enlightened and the power wont be one of "trying to control the situation"
but simply let it be and I move in such a way neither harm has come to you or your opponent. In this sense harmony has been maintained you didnt "see it as violence" just a moment where you became intensly present so no more suffering could take place.

This is also devoid of time. Time is almost meaningless in this connected state of oneness with your attacker, imagine you could talk to an animal and asked what time is it he would say "well its now", you dont act from past experiences i.e if he does this i wil do that. No thats your mind speaking again. The idea of an attacker also becomes meaningless, you see the attacker as yourself, a human being who has temporarily become his emotion or thought and is acting it out, which is something we all do!
The level of succes in you training in this manor can be described as how peacefull you "feel" inside.

For me this is the essence of all martial arts and religions. IMHHO

Any thoughts?

In Budo Andy

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