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We aikidoka are very ignorant with regards to Aiki jujutsu how many of us have taken part in or even watched an Aiki jujutsu (one where the lineage lineage and teaching certificates of the instructor could be examined). I am saddened when after watching a certain aikido classes/deshi/technoques people come out with "that wasn't aikido that was aiki jujutsu" without ever having studied aiki jujustu in any form emic or etic. From dynamic aikido, Shioda, the auther tells us that Shioda sensei had to spend "days" in bed recovering after taking ukemi for O'sensei at a palace demo. This was after aikido was officially named. How many of us have been in such a bad way that we were bed ridden after taking ukemi for a demonstration? Before anyone counters that Shioda suffered no broken bones or any lasting physical damage, the first uke had his arm broken by O'sensei hance the reason shioda had to be uke for the whole performance.
A good book to read on this subject is; Unlocking the secrets of aiki jujutsu by H.E Davey, ISBN: 1570281211. He writes an excellent comment on or read the two part essay with kondo(?) sensei on Daito ryu's home page.
One final thought Davey in his book tells us that he was asked to take part in a budo demonstration in he and his group performed their Aiki jujutsu demo ands left the mat. Followning them was the Yoshinkan demo with Gozo Shioda him self now in Davey's own words Shioda's demo was much fiercer and violent than his groups however no one thought or questioned what was being shown as anything other than aikido.
We practice aikido in all its facets hard and soft not aikijujutsu. Saotome in Aikido and the way of harmony that aikido must be experienced in all its forms from the hardest to the softest . You would call a doctor to take a look at your car would you?
We need to open our minds to all of aikido and see it for what it is and not what we would make it.

Regards Paul

Regards Paul Finn
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