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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Kevin, what makes your practice "relatively safe"? How do you control the degree to which you reduce the flow of blood to the brain? How do you know that it's "enough" to cause them to pass out and no more? And how does someone learn such things, such that they can practice "safely"? Clearly trial and error is not the way.
These things are well known by long-time grapplers. There are safe and dangerous ways to choke someone and when you know some of them pretty well, you can tell when it's "enough". You don't even have to cause them to pass out in practice. On the wouldn't be doing it if it were not an emergency, I would assume...But it's just like anything else. How much is "enough" shiho nage or ikkyu? When you've trained enough in it, you get the feel for it.

The way to learn is to get with a good judo or jujutsu teacher and let them show you under controlled and guided circumstances.

Otherwise, choking can be very dangerous. Make sure the person who's choking you knows what they are doing or they will certainly injure your throat before you can blink--even and untrained person.

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