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Re: Kuzushi

So what about throwing? Why do we practice throwing if aikido is an art of balance? Throwing is an attack, not a defense.
I have been thinking a lot about "breaking balance and throwing". What comes to mind is that when Uke "attacks" he brings energy and intention to the encounter. The moment after the "attack" Uke must start to receive the energy from Nage. Nage at the moment of "attack" needs to receive the energy. Uke and Nage actually both receive after the energy has been introduced to the encounter. As Ross said it will not always result in a "throw". In fact if Nage forces a "throw" he becomes open to a counter. If Uke resists he becomes open to injury and will never be in a place to counter a technique. As both receive a mutual harmony is achieved.

I love this quote from Paolo Corallini Shihan
"In Aikido one plus one should become one."

Love the thread.
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