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Re: On being Female in an Aikido Dojo

Anonymous User wrote:
The thing is though, we get treated a hell of a lot differently. Our experience isn't that much different (he has a few months on me) yet I get treated with a lot less...respect I dare say. I'm rarely called up for ukemi for example.
That is another illusion. Respect is not displayed by calling up for ukemi. It is some kind of the myth created artificially may be for political reasons.
On fact some ppl are NOT called up for ukemi, cos instructor is not able to throw them!!!

We should not even use term 'taking ukemi', instead we should use 'attacking instructor'. These tow terms representing two very different particular states of mind. First one is a caracteristic for 'trained uke' whose goal is to show in good light instructor. That of course has nothing to do with Budo.


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