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Bruce Baker
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Hands as weapons

You know, there is this stigma of deadly hands of martial arts, but aren't nearly all hand techniques taken from weapons?

I guess it could be the what came first, the chicken or the egg question, but really, aren't the knife hand, and the knuckle punch aimed at the same targets as weapons practice?

The entire range of strikes, thrusts, and defensive/ offensive movements with weapons are designed to strike pressure points when blades are not cutting?

How to fore is the use of hands simular in relations to weapons training?

My experience is from first practicing karate then coming to aikido, so my experience is to use hands as weapons before using bokken or jo. Still, there are so many simularities of training, learning proper striking angle, direction, and effective use of force ... hands can actually be more effective than weapons.

I know a lot of you older guys/gals have seen pieces of this, but how many of our younger practitioners have seen this in their practice?
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