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Re: Multiple Sclerosis

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
do you think breathwork and basic connected-movement practice would help people who have mobility issues? My mother is having a harder time getting around as she gets older, and this MS thread got me thinking about that--you think that kind of practice would be helpful to these folks?
I think there are three valuable practices for middle aged and older folks who are not interested in martial arts per se:
1. qi gong or tai chi on a regular basis
2. a referral to at PT specfically for plyometrics to increase coordination in whole body movement
3. learning to get comfortable being on the ground, relaxing and opening their hips to sink to the ground, working on low impact ways of getting up and down and if they do well on that, learning to fall - not forward and backwards rolls, falls, but building from many sessions of being comfortable, relaxing hips, sinking, etc Still trying to convince folks in my town to try it - lots of my professional peers endorse the idea but won't get into the dojo to play with me on it!

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