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Re: Adrenaline-based training?

James Reyes wrote: View Post
Long time lurker here. I recall reading a thread years and years ago about people in the US who offered adrenaline-based training -- they put you in high stress situations, so you'd start getting tunnel vision, loss of fine motor control, etc, and teach you how to deal with it. Does anybody here have recommendations for anyone running this sort of training?

It doesn't necessarily have to be super martially-oriented. Looking back at my life, I've made some of my biggest mistakes/done some very dumb things when adrenaline kicked in and all my reasoning ability seemed to go out the window. None of those situations were outright fights - some were situations at work, others in personal relationships. I'd love to learn to handle myself better when it happens.

Hi James,

I think the recommendations here are very good. One of the venues that I use to replicate that stress/adrenaline feel is my Krav Maga training. I really like the stress training drills and scenarios they put you through. You really get an awareness of the debilitating effects that stress can have on performance. Before the stress drills, we get worked to death with combatives and drills to tire us out. We then move through different scenarios on how the fight could escalate from the verbal confrontation (woofing) to the actual fight. We try to replicate this in different scenarios, sometimes with multiple attackers, by being taken to the ground, with weapons, with loud music, people yelling, in close quarters, in the dark, outside in a parking lot, etc., to make the environment totally chaotic because that's how fights can evolve -- into chaos. Schools may vary on how they implement this type of training. I think it is an integral part of training. Overtime, you begin to get better at managing the stressful effects of a fight rather than having the effects of a fight manage you…if that makes sense.

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