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Re: Multiple Sclerosis

Good day everyone. I was reading some other random posts about attitudes and egos and hypocrisy on Aikiweb. Tell you something, it's not just here in the forums, it's art imitating life. I've had enough of it here and in my own life. So back to what is really important and what Aikido should be about......

The MS Aikido classes I have been teaching are going well. We only have class once a week for about an hour but the students really like the class and what we have been going over. It is slow going but they are patient and are eager to learn, and learn quickly! I still have a difficult time getting them on their feet. We are still working on balance and movement as much as we can. We have learned some simple wrist techniques and have worked with many people in different stages to work around varying capabilities. It really is an exciting program we are starting. One comment I would like to pass along for you teachers out there; the electric wheel chairs... did you know they weight 250lbs, have a lot of torque and can turn on a dime? I think we have all seen them but did not realize the potential. I was grabbing the wrist and shoulders of some of the students in my class. They are not able to stand and turn tenkan, but they can hit the little joystick on the electric wheelchair, and let me tell you they'll take your arm off! We are learning to use the chairs to mimic different movement. I suppose it's like playing a video game and just learning to use the joystick. Cool stuff!

Victims, aren't we all.
-- Eric Draven
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