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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Just a thought: If Alan Ruddock trained "every single class" including Sunday, and saw Osensei a "couple of hundred times" it would put Osensei there about 30% of the time during that three-year period right? But we already had a discussion about where Osensei was. This one is about his ability to teach in those times and locations.

Well, it does show he taught. It does show that yet another of his students went on to his current high position.

Now if we look at how many of his students went on to be leaders of their own 'styles' and their success then it becomes a bit of a no brainer to me.

He did send his teachers out to teach around the world. Therefore he had a plan, a dream.

So he wasn't only a good teacher but also a visionary and basically what you would call a Master.

Once again I say it's more to do with how well you study and practice so maybe a more fruitful thread would be 'Students of O'Senseis learning ability.'

Anyway, the posts were merely for added information for you in your musings.

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