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Re: "Irimi" by Ellis Amdur

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
As Janet says: Believe or not. We do.
Don't worry, I believe it. I don't disagree with it as workable either. I just don't say that is Irimi. I would say it's deflecting the attack off of center line followed by.........

To me that is doing then entering rather than entering. Anyway, that doesn't mean I don't do it too but I don't call that irimi.

I would even say that apart from the sword that principle is used in other arts too, that of staying on line, just look at some of the wing chun moves.

However even in such moves the hips turn or open slightly off line first before returning to on line.

None of this means right or wrong it means differentiate and see the difference in purpose.

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