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Re: Rethinking the meaning of various phrases in light of "aiki"

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Ok, how about "harmonization"?
IMO I think it's an extension of the same things we talked about with absolute non-resistance, but where one could think of absolute non-resistance being a static thing, when you get to harmonization you start bringing the role of intent into it more. You're no longer letting those forces just pass through, you're actively doing something with them and adding some of your own back into it.

Several months ago I went to an Ikeda seminar and one of the things he talked about that I really liked was to "make kata" or "make shape". Basically, you make the shape of the technique internally before the technique is even performed. Your intent is set before contact is made, so that as soon as you find uke's center your intent is harmonizing their force and sending it in another direction, internally. The example that I gave that you used to start the thread is probably a better example of harmonization than it is absolute non-resistance, as the role of intent in making that happen is as least as important as the body structure which allows the forces to pass through you cleanly in the first place.

One other thing I would like to add. While I'm firmly in the camp that all of these things we're discussing have to be realized internally, I recogize that for ueshiba, there was a point where he took these concepts and ideals externally as well. He was still doing the same things internally, but he was using those things to also harmonize externally as well. Maybe that is the ultimate aikido, the highest level, but I personally don't believe you can anywhere by starting there.
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